Instant Waterproof Curved Eyebrow Stamp

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✔️ Get AMAZING eyebrows Instantly!

End all your Eyebrow Troubles Today with this Remarkable Eyebrow Stamp. 
The Eyebrow Stamp is the Hottest in the market, and it comes straight from South Korea! If you find it such a hassle to draw your brows every morning or can't seem to get the perfect brow shape then this tool is perfect for you! 

Easily create a natural eyebrow shape in just seconds! Ideal for those who are always rushing to work, class or even the gym. We found an EASY way for you to get those perfect eyebrows every single time! Just gently press the sponge onto the eyebrow powder, position it where you want your eyebrows to be, and press from brow end to end. Perfect gift for all your friends!

 DISCLAIMER: All Eyebrow stamps are CURVED in shape!

✔️ Usage:  
Take the brow stamp, press on the eyebrow powder and stamp on your brows, to get the desired effect, press from the brow end to the eyebrow end. 



✔️ At the beginning, the surface of the brow powder may be a little difficult to take, but after several time, it will become easy!

✔️ Not Sold in Stores

✔️ Water-Proof, Sweat-Proof









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