Slimming Shaper Vest (Women)

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Slimming Shaper Vest will make you look pounds thinner & inches smaller! It offers support with the unique Spandex-blend fibres that slim your waist, flatten your stomach area, conceal your love handles and give extra lift and shaping to your chest. The secret is 12 uniquely designed firming panels that trim and tighten your problem areas.

✅    Slimming Shaper Vest is a revolutionary slimming and lifting undergarment that will hide your tummy bulges and help you pull off the dress or jeans that you always wanted to wear but could not.

✅    It is comfortable to wear and has firm control with no show through pants lines which makes sure you can wear your favourite clothes with a proper slim fit, without anybody recognizing that you are wearing a slimming vest.

✅    It can give you the perfect hourglass figure instantly, unlike other slimming products that take months to show any signs of progress.

✅    Slim and lift makes you look inches slimmer and pounds lighter instantly by hiding excessive body fat and bulged out belly.

✅    It hides bulges, bumps and rolls making you look tight and trim. This makes sure your body looks toned and even by hiding the unevenness.

✅    It makes use of its Slim technology to hide your belly bulge but still looks like a regular vest so nobody notices you're wearing it.



  • Reshapes Instantly
  • Look Firmer and Younger
  • Look well Toned and Defined
  • Un-Noticeable and takes Inches off your waste and appearance
  • No Diet, No Exercise, No Pills, No Gym Membership


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