Shirt Keeper

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Product description

Comfy Clothiers' garter style shirt stays are also known as shirt garters or shirt keepers, as they help keep your dress shirt tucked in neatly all day long. You stay looking sharp and professional, without having worry about your shirt tail coming untucked. The garter style stays attach around your thigh and can be adjusted for both thigh width and height. Adjust them once when you receive them, then keep that setting in place so you can quickly put them on each day in just a few moments. These are made of strong elastic and with strong, quality metal clasps.

  • Elastic
  • Imported
  • Garter-Style shirt stays offer another option that some prefer. They attach to your thigh and then have 3 clips on each piece (6 clips per set) to keep your shirt neatly tucked in.
  • KEEPS SHIRTS TUCKED IN: These shirt stays keep your shirt tucked in all day long, so you always look sharp and professional.
  • ADJUSTABLE: Quick and easy to adjust. These shirt keepers almost any height/weight person.