Quick Shoe Wipes (Pack of 10)

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We believe in the effortless perfection of products that will save time for keeping up with your millennial lifestyle.

Our wipes effectively remove dirt, mud, and grass stains. We tested countless sneaker cleaners to get to our superior, durable, dual-textured wipes.

Product Description

  • Quick and easy to use, just tear and wipe the dirt off. A textured side with 3D printed dots helps clean tougher spots. 
  • The smooth side cleans more delicate materials to perfection.
    Once you’ve used our textured wipes, follow up with a clean, damp towel to remove any residual impurities and further restore your shoe’s color or quality.
  •  A shoe cleaner that is safe without any harmful effects to you or your family and won’t damage delicate fabrics.

Product Features

  • SAFE ON APPAREL - Cleans and renews dirty sneakers, shoes, jackets and handbags. Can use on anything leather, vinyl, rubber and plastic
  • SAFE ON HANDS - Conditions and nourishes as it cleans. It’s safe and gentle on hands, that means no dangerous bleach chemicals
  • NO MESS - Quickly and easily remove dirt, scuff, grime, dust and stains. No liquids to spill, no paste to harden, no moms towels to steal.

Product Specifications

  • Product Color: white
  • Product Efficacy: decontamination, maintenance, deep cleaning

Package Contains

 The package consists of Quick Shoe Wipes (Set of 10 wipes) and lots of love from us