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Product Description:

The vegetable chopper with 3 stainless blades system is the perfect pick for the kitchen. The chopper is leveraged with 3 different design of blades making the cutting sharp and detailed when you serve the salad to your guest. With quick cutting technique, vegetables are easily cut. The chopper is made up of premium quality plastic material that is unbreakable and durable for long time. The blades are made up of stainless steel that can cut even the hardest vegetable easily. With blades, the chopper has storage container with the capacity of 400ml and soft lid that moves all around to get fit and open. It also has 2 wing blender rotating in 360-degree direction to blend the vegetables finely. The anti-skid base design makes the chopper safe from slip and you can work easily and with fun. Vegetable chopper makes the work quick and easy and the best thing of this vegetable cutter is- No more tears while cutting onion!

Buy this vegetable chopper and eat your favorite salad and vegetables and stay healthy. It keeps your diet maintained.