The Portable Bucket Washer (50% Off Limited Time Offer)

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Introducing new Portable Handy Washing Machine. It is very useful for people who Travels, Bachelors, Hostel peoples and for asingle person to get away with their washing needs.

Our portable washing machine is well known electronic gadget can be used anywhere in any size of bucket portable, economical and user friendly.

A household device has recently received a lot of attention from both and manfacture. Its generally used in home to wash cloth’s and make the process hassle-free, It is a small device which is to be used in any bucket.


230 Volts 50Hz, Power : 350 Watts, Weightnit : 2.1 Kg Approx (Basic Unit), Capacity : 2.5 Kg : Dimenssion : 166 x 150 x 420 mm, Washing Cycle : 5 to 10 Minutes (Approx ).

Handy Wahing Machine is unique innovation in washing of clothes in most tupes of buckets used in homes, As it can be used in any buckets, Its saves not only time but it is also, It saves energy as it consumes very less power of max, 350W and also save natural resources. Viz Water

Features & Details:

  • Washing Cycle 4-5 Mins It is Light Weight,
  • Durable & made of ABS Plastic Body
  • Washing Capacity: 2.5 Kgs appx or as per bucket size.
  • Low Power Consumption & Maintenance Free
  • Product information Very useful for short qty clothes to save time.
  • Mostly Suitable for Regional Trips,Single Students where you can't find washing machine. Very easy to carry anywhere as less weight.

How To Use:

  • Take a Bucket as per clothes qty.
  • Fill it water up to minimum water level mark of the machine
  • Place the washing machine inside the bucket and lock the clamp
  • Add a good detergent power in the water
  • Switch on the machine
  • Keep adding clothes up to 2.5 Kgs
  • Don't overload bucket with clothes that the machine runs smoothly
  • In 5 min wash cycle gets over and the clothes are ready for rinse and Dry.