Pain Cakes - Cold Therapy Ice Packs

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Mini Ice Cold Pack Reusable Cold Therapy  Packs

CHILL, PEEL, STICK! It's that simple. PAINCAKES cold packs are revolutionary cold therapy devices that keep your recovery exactly where you need it, strap-free. Stickable PAINCAKES hover just above the skin surrounding the injured area with cooling waves of relief. Position PAINCAKES on shoulders, back, knees, elbows; anywhere. They STICK & STAY! After use, re-chill & re-stick, over and over. Athlete developed, yet anyone can use them! We've made icing convenient, fun & effective. Stick-it & go! Cold therapy has never been easier. Try them! You'll never use traditional cold packs again.

  • Features :

    • Around Fingers, Toes, Heels, Elbows - anywhere! Perfect for smaller areas & hard-to-apply zones. Great for kid's boo-boos.
    • Special Latex-free design will not leave residue, pull hair or skin.

    • ATHLETE DESIGNED & APPROVED yet anyone can use them! makes icing incredibly convenient, ultra-effective and fun! Just Stick-it and go! Slim design lets you wear our stickable cold packs directly under your clothing. deliver safe pain relief for bumps, bruises, sprains, strains, swelling, bites, aches, muscles, & inflammation.

    • Hover just above the skin to surround the injured area with cooling waves of relief.

    • SAFE-USE Chill for 60 minutes in our re-closeable zipper pouch, always check pack temperature before application. Apply for 1 minute and remove. Remove the cover and press to the affected area. Apply for 1 minute and remove. Slowly increase chill & application times. To remove. Gently peel-off. Replace protective cover over gel and re-charge for your next use.