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Moon Lamp
Moon Lamp
Moon Lamp
Moon Lamp
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    Moon Lamp

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      Enjoy gazing at a dazzling full moon every night of the year by bringing this 3D moon night light into your bedroom.

      This lamp is made by innovative 3D printing technology, layer by layer stack and restores the real appearance of the moon. Each individual moon lamp has gone through a rigorous 31+ hour 3D printing process using state-of-the-art technology which accurately portrays the moons every surface and crater - resulting in an incredibly realistic moon.

      It features an accurate depiction of the moon’s surface and comes with two brightness settings that won’t strain your eyes in the dark. The realistic looking night light has been made to look like the moon and has craters and pockmarks along the surface to mimic the moon's surface.

      Night Lights 3D Printed Magical Moon Night Light

      As well as this the Moonlight emits a soft white glow that really does look like moonlight (as the name suggests) and will light the area around it up with a soft white light. You can place it anywhere you like. This would be a perfect addition to your child's bedroom night table or in a home office where you simply want a nice relaxing soft light.


            • Material: Plastic body and wooden holder
            • Dimensions: Regular size is 15 CM diameter and large size is 20 CM diameter.
            • *LED light source included
            • *Recharges with USB 

             Night Lights 3D Printed Magical Moon Night Light


            • All colored utensils should be washed by hand to maintain the integrity of the plating.
            • Avoid using steamers & dishwashers to clean the utensils.

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