Metal Wall Art Clock

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2-in-1 Wall Art cum Wall Clock 

Choose the style you want! 


  • UPDATED TECHNOLOGY: Updated Machine and Hands

  • DECORATE ANY SPACE YOU WANT: The antique wall hanging clock with the beautiful copper color will look amazing in any room of your house, or even your office! The large metal wall clock has a diameter of 750mm and it will match your interior design, whether it is vintage, minimalist or modern.

  • MADE WITH SOLID IRON: The Craftster iron wall clock has been designed and made by professional craftspeople using the best quality materials and manufacturing methods. Specifically, we have used solid iron to create this Roman-style clock, so you can be sure about its quality and durability.

  • NO ANNOYING TICKING: Do you hate the ticking sound that some clocks make? This won’t be a problem if you get this handmade wall clock, because its minute hands are silent. So even if you hang the metal clock in your bedroom, you won't be bothered with ticking noise.

    PACKAGE CONTAINS: 1 X Metal Wall Art Clock