Memory Foam Pillow

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The Memory Foam Pillow is the most advanced contoured pillow you'll ever use. Designed to provide your neck and head with continuous, comfortable support, it reduces stiff necks, shoulders, and back pain by ensuring correct cervical alignment and a proper sleeping posture allowing your neck muscles to relax. Special curve design provides maximum neck support. Uses viscoelastic memory foam for a custom mold. Viscoelastic Memory Foam responds to the body's weight and warmth, keeping your neck and head in alignment with the spin, creating full support and ultimate comfort. No more tossing and turning during the night. Works whether you're on your side, back or stomach. Standard size pillow and case included. Because it is temperature sensitive, memory foam molds and has a customized shaping. The memory foam also works so well due to the method in which its cells operate. Memory foam cells compress fully and spread their air pressure to adjoining cells, unlike the way standard foam springs back to its original shape after being compressed. The process in which the memory foam operates reduces the pressure points while molding to the bodies shape. Personalize your sleep experience with a pillow that's as unique as you are! If the pillow gets wet, gently twist it to squeeze out excess water. Allow the pillow to dry in a well ventilated area until it is completely dry Features a contoured shape that cradles your head and neck for exceptional support that's exclusively yours. Constructed from high-density, slow-recovery foam, this pillow conforms to your curves and contours to reduce pressure and provide a customized sleeping surface. The firm memory foam continuously reacts to your weight and temperature for a weightless sleep sensation that lasts the whole night through.
  • Ensures healthy head and neck position during rest and sleep, enhances the of sleep and rest during the day and night
  • The duration of the memory effect is calibrated for the pillow to smoothly adapt to your body without creating the distraction of superfluous pressure or slow shape recovery
  • The outer pillowcase is made from an environmentally-friendly fabric containing bamboo fibres, which have natural anti-bacterial properties, are hypoallergenic, and regulate humidity and thermal transfer, creating a sensation of freshness
  • Made from memory foam polyurethane containing silver ions with anti-microbial properties such as the ability to stop the appearance or growth of bacteria, dust mites, fungi and mould


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