Hazel Mosaic Mirror - The artment
Hazel Mosaic Mirror - The artment
Hazel Mosaic Mirror - The artment
Hazel Mosaic Mirror - The artment
Hazel Mosaic Mirror - The artment
Hazel Mosaic Mirror - The artment

    Hazel Mosaic Mirror

    Dhs. 329.00 Dhs. 7,999.00
      About The Product

      A Subtle and Sharp Way to Enhance Your Home Decor

      Our Hazel Mosaic mirror is one of a kind. It is locally made and handcrafted using wooden mosaic strips in different shades of beige, brown, and gray. The wooden pieces fit perfectly with each other in various shades of brown and give a beautiful, organic and earthy look.


      Featuring a beautiful selection of wooden chips and pieces, this mirror redefines organic beauty and creates a wholesome vibe of freshness and quality living. Create a stunning wall by using this mirror as a statement piece.

      Mosaics were traditionally used as decoration for floors and walls and became very popular across the Ancient Roman empire. Mosaic was considered an exquisite art form and is still used as a decorative style in architecture, decor, and visual arts. However, In modern times mosaic has come to be defined as any pattern or image made from many multiple pieces and can be found in a range of forms from traditional murals and pavements, to contemporary artworks, hobby craft items, and industrial and construction firms.


      • Size: 39cm total Diam.
      • Material: engineered wood, MDF back
      • Handcrafted
      • Hanger - Keyhole



      • Unique design and exquisite craftsmanship
      • Durable wooden chips
      • The hues of brown used in the mirror give it a homely and organic look


      The Gift Box that The Artment sends consists of the Hazel Mosaic Mirror (s), packed safely in a laminated box. 

      • This mirror can be hung on a subtle wall with muted colors to bring out the real beauty of it.
      • The shades of brown can look stunning with white, refurbished furniture and indoor plants - if used in a lounge or living room
      • You can also hang it above your bed and hang it with a bunch of other wall decors to make it look even more beautiful.
      • Can brighten up your bathroom by just pairing it up with a blue bathroom set or towels.  


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