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Flower Cap trinket cases
Flower Cap trinket cases
Flower Cap trinket cases
Flower Cap trinket cases
Flower Cap trinket cases
Flower Cap trinket cases
Flower Cap trinket cases
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    Flower Cap trinket cases

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      Live life in full bloom.
      A classic merge of Romanticism and the Victorian Era. 
      Product Description :
      • Romanticism and Victorian Era can be highly compared and synced when it comes to art and design. The elements that these two periods have in common are femininity, luxuriousness, emphasis on nature, expanded imagination, and attention to small details.
      • When we focus our attention towards the design that is inspired by these eras than we see floral patterns, combination of pastel colours with slight touch of dark tones, and use of subtle metallic elements, 3D floral textures, and use of different materials like glass, ceramics, and fine porcelain.
      • Our Flower Cap Trinket Cases are inspired by the classic merge Romanticism and Victorian Era. The Trinket case has a 3D textured floral top and a fine smooth matt and glossy glaze overall finish. Made of fine porcelain these cases come in two lovely pastel shades of Pink and White. Handcrafted with perfection the case cover tops are made with precision and attention to detail to perfectly replicate the flowers. 

      Styling Tips :

      • These trinket cases can be used on your bedside table to put your daily jewelry while you sleep.
      • Place them on your chest of drawers and keep your earrings, rings, bracelets, and necklaces to showcase them in a fancy manner.
      • You can use the trinket cases in the washroom
      • Can be an amazing house warming gift option.
      • The pantone shades that go the best with these cases are Impatiens Pink (13-1510 TCX), Yellow Iris (11-0622), Hazelnut (14-1315), and Frosted Almond (13-1012).

      Specifications :

      • Material: Porcelain 
      • Size:  9.5cm x 8cm
      • Technique:Matt and Glossy Glazing
      • Weight: 250-500 Grams

      Features :

      • Flower top design
      • Glossy glaze
      • Fine porcelain

      Gift Box Contains :
      The Gift Box that the Artment sends with the products consists of the selected Trinket Case, wrapped in triple safety bubble wrap.

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