Eggie - Egg Poachers Without Egg Shells (Pack of 6)

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Eggie convenient Egg Cooker Set makes cooking eggs so simple. It is The Original Egg Set that allows you to perfectly make hard, medium or soft boiled eggs. 

Make cooking eggs as easy as Crack, Boil and Pop. Use the brush to lightly coat the inside of Egg Cup with oil before gently cracking eggs into them and securing the lids to the cups. Next, place the Cups in the Egg Holder and boil in water until cooked to the desired style. Carefully remove Holder from hot water and place the Cups in cold water before popping cooked eggs out. 

You'll never have to struggle to peel a hard-boiled egg again. With our instant Egg Steamer Set, you won’t have to spend precious time peeling eggs. It is thermodynamically designed to cook eggs exactly as if they were in a shell, so you get perfectly cooked eggs without difficult peeling later. 

Use the Set to cook eggs to perfection, or easily make Egg Bites or mini Omelet by adding Veggies, cooked Meat and Cheese before eggs are placed in the pot to boil. We’ve also included a Bonus ebook that features Recipes and Instructions to help you make delicious Egg Dishes. 

Our Egg Cooker is made from Food Safe and Non Toxic materials that contain no BPA. It’s Top Rack Dishwasher safe. New design includes only one vent hole to prevent water from getting in and improved safety threads to keep lids on during boiling. 

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