5-in-1 Magnetic Clip On Sunglasses For Men & Women

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  • Magnetic Clip-On Design - Have 5 different styles of sunglasses combined into one, you can change your look with one pair in seconds. The magnetic bond is stronger than ferrous magnets, and this means a seamless and reliably fitting clip-on lens.
  • UV Protection - Blocks harmful UVA/UVB rays. The gray polarized clip-on sunglasses lens can block glare reflected off of roads, water, snow, and other horizontal surfaces. The yellow one is night vision driving lenses.


    • Fit Perfectly - two small magnetic pieces on the edge of the frame and anti-skid hook on the bridge, making the clip and optical glasses fit perfectly. High tensile strength, high-temperature resistance, high flame retardancy, antistatic.
    • Convenience - For eyeglass wearer, the glasses can bring you great convenience, let glasses users daily life easier, flat lens is easy to take off glasses, then according to their own needs in the local with the right lens. Can be equipped with myopia lens.



    • Flexible Memory Frame - Features a TR90 frame. A polymer material with a memory that is extremely light and super flexible, abrasion proof and eco-friendly, ideal for all-day use. They can easily bend accordingly to your face texture and is resilient for ground impacts.
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