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For a story likeAndy Warhol and Edie Sedgwick

All of us wonder how we can take them out on the fanciest date possible without burning a hole in our pocket, Well here’s the answer. If your other half is ‘high maintenance’ and likes to live in luxury; If you are looking to impress, this date box is your answer. Set up the most elegant date at your home with a secret ingredient- Effort. Pick these items for Rs. 7447 but if you buy this here, It’ll just be rs. 5,499.00

For a story likeAndy Warhol and Edie Sedgwick

They were one of the great romances of the 1960s. Pop art’s golden couple, even if silver was their signature color. She was the beauty to his beast, the princess to his pauper, the exhibitionist to his voyeur. He was so inspired by her that In 1965 she was his leading lady in 10 movies, give or take.

When it’s new and fresh, the romance burns bright but you know it’s real love when staying at home and going all out to create the best date ever after you’ve been hit with their love for a while seems like the best idea. With a set of splendor plates, diamond glasses and Glimmer Galaxy spoons, this date box is so premium that even Arpège will be impressed. Get all this for just Rs. 5,499.00

This combo contains:
2x Splendor Plates , 2x Diamond Glass , 1x Glimmer Galaxy Cutlery Set