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For a story like Salvador and Gala Dali

If they are the Gala to your Dali, this date box is for you. Making them a breakfast is old news. Give them the date they deserve- Create a Date. If your love is about cozy nights, endless talking and limitless giggles, pick these items for Rs. 7495 but if you buy this here, It’ll just be rs. 5,499.00

For a story like Salvador and Gala Dali

It was ‘Love at first sight’ for Dali and Gala. She immediately became his muse and inspired him in many more ways than just his Art and later became his wife. Dali wrote “She was destined to be my Gradiva, the one who moves forward, my victory, my wife”

When you wake up next to that special someone, it’s the best feeling in the world. Make their morning beautiful with the All things breakfast and all things romantic. This combo is perfect for a cozy breakfast date, with charming bowls for cereals, a dreamy chopping board for fresh fruits and our luxury paradise glasses for your daily juice. Get all this for just Rs. 5,499.00.

This combo contains:
2x Cherry Blossom Bowls , 2x Paradise Glasses , 1x Chopping Board