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Surprised Faces Planter Set - The Artment
Surprised Faces Planter Set - The Artment
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    Surprised Faces Planter Set

      About The Product

      A Modern yet Traditional Kind of Planter Set Perfect for Every Home!

      The Surprised Faces Planter Set is one of those flower pots that will elevate the look of your small indoor garden. You can have each planter sitting in one room or place them together in your living room display space. The subtle color combination of the planters makes it suitable for a modern home.

        Surprised Faces Planter Set  

      Don’t feel like placing such a beauty inside the house? Well, these can be placed in the balcony as well along with your traditional pots. The make of the Surprised Faces Planter Set is such that it will make your plants happy too. The ideal plants for these pots would be succulents.

      ABOUT the ART

      Modern Art came into being owing to the technological advancements during the industrial age. Rationalist practices of the past were rejected. The idea was to experiment and come up with innovative designs. Different textures, surfaces, and other elements were used by artists to create powerful paintings and designs.

        Surprised Faces Planter Set  

      The Surprised Faces Planter Set justifies the name given to it. A combination of textures, and uses, the statue is a modern amenity that should be used by everyone who appreciates a multipurpose product. The Surprised Faces Planter Set will easily fit into your home decor style.



      • Dimensions: 
        • White: Total H- 37cm, Pot H- 13cm, Dia- 10cm
        • Grey: Total H- 27cm, Pot H- 8cm, Dia- 7.5cm
        • Beige: Total H- 13cm, Pot H- 9cm, Dia- 12cm
      • Material: Resin
      • Technique: Casted Resin with Color
      • Stone Finish
      • Set of 3, Grey, White, Beige
        Surprised Faces Planter Set  


      • Clean design and elegant look
      • High quality
      • Sturdy
        Surprised Faces Planter Set  

        The Gift Box that The Artment sends consists of the Surprised Faces Planter Set with a triple layering of bubble-wrap and safely packed in a box.

          Surprised Faces Planter Set  
        • The Surprised Faces Planter Set is perfect to be used in homes, offices, restaurants, and stores
        • The planters can be placed in different locations for a greener look of the space
        • Pair the planters with our Terracotta Collection for a refined look of your small garden
        • Each planter has been made in a different size to create a cohesive look
        • One can easily play around with the pairings, but the planters will look gorgeous with darker backdrops especially reds, blues and greens


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