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by Shopify API on January 07, 2020
A holiday is a swell time that all of us wait for. Be it the icy freshness, the ‘magic in the air’ vibes, the aura of calm or the wave of rejoicing, the holiday season has something to offer to everyone.

With each of us associating our some of our best memories with the holidays, the element of Family remains common for all of us. The holiday season is the perfect time to spend time with your family, to rekindle old memories and make some new ones. 

Imagine this: You couldn’t spend the last holiday season with your family, you had work, you had plans. So this time, you decide to go with your heart.
You call everyone and arrange a get-together. You’ve planned out the perfect menu. You stock up your bar, make thoughtful playlists and of course, set the mood for the party. Your holiday party is almost ready, except for one thing — the table. So much effort into preparing the perfect holiday meal, but does it look ‘picture-perfect’? That’s when We come into the picture.
With our vision of believing that everything around us is a piece of art, you can easily set up the Perfect Holiday Table.


Minimalism is not just a term, it’s a lifestyle. Minimal decor- The concept came in the 1960s, which was highly influenced by the idea that sometimes less is more. 
If you want to go classy, this is the way to go. The minimal holiday edit will give your table a very sophisticated look. 
Easiest way to do it? Look up our Minimal products.
Our beautiful luxury minimalist plates are made with utmost precision. Everything about it- from its accurate form to its Matt Glaze technique redefines luxury. 
Made of fine porcelain, the plates come in 4 color variations - Black, White, Blue, and Dark Teal. They come in 2 size variations. 
Follow these 3 simple steps to achieve the look:

  • Checkered napkins
  • Just style it on your table with checkered napkins to bring out the colors of the plates as well as the food. Checkered napkins are easily available and come in various colors and sizes so you can select them according to your taste.
    The best part about them is that you can achieve the look by simply folding them into neat rectangles for a cleaner look or just keeping them beneath the plates in the most casual way to break the symmetry.


  • Surreal Tabletop decor
  • When you see a wreath, the first thought that comes to mind is Christmas. Just make a simple leaf-arrangement and put cherries on top to give it a more ‘Christmassy’ feel. Pair it with pillar candles and our Surreal Swirl Glass Tealight holder to create a cozy vibe.
  • Use a statement table accent
  • To make a statement with everything minimal, use something very eye-catching. Our favorite? - The Deep Sea Sand Art. Keep it on the table as a fun-element - something that people can play with. It’s an innovative concept and magical beauty is something to be remembered for the time to come.


      To make a great impression, you have to have the right decor. What better way to do it than to incorporate some colors in the table decor.
      This setup will give your table a more poppy, fun, and casual look. When we hear colors, we are automatically redirected to our beautiful Salvador plates. These plates represent one of the finest art i.e., impressionism, which nearly ruled out all the other art forms for more than 150 years. 
      These plates are for people full of life and spirit, and who wish to have the same zest on their tables as well. These fancy plates will bring color and the necessary pop on the table.
      It comes in two styles - Purple Impression and Yellow Impression. 
      You can achieve the most fun holiday look of the year, follow these simple steps:
    1. Surreal Serveware
    2. Cooking is an art and a cook is an artist and the right pieces of equipment are key ingredients in creating a masterpiece. So to create a masterpiece and to show the relevance of art we can use the “Surreal Marble-effect Chopping board”, which in itself depicts the art of surrealism that is used to express the creativity of the unconscious mind.
      With a more recent tradition of serving food on chopping boards getting popular, you can go with the glossiest, most pleasant-looking chopping boards in the market, with a choice between pink and grey. These Chopping boards are wear-and-tear resistant. They don’t damage knives and keep food from sticking. 


    3. Subtle background
    4. With colorful plates and serve ware, the key point here is to keep the table cloth basic. Use neutral colors like greys and whites to bring out the colors of the plates.
      Go with simple and minimal table runners and trivets to make your cutlery stand out.


    5. Glimmer Cutlery
    6. In today's time, glimmer is synonymous with Glamour. Go with our sparkling glimmer galaxy spoons and forks to add the final touch of luxury to your holiday table. Available in sets of 7 and 4, these spoon and forks sets are the cutlery addition that you have been looking for.
      So what are you waiting for? 
      Charm your family and can give them a higher level of dining experience with TheArtment's Perfect Holiday Table. Shop our range of unique and artistic products on and let us know in the comment section below what you think about this.
      Signing off,
      With lots of love and best wishes
      Team TheArtment