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The perfect Date box for your kind of artistic relationship!

by Shopify API on February 10, 2020

The season of love is approaching, but does love really need an occasion? While we believe in every day being special for love in all forms, Valentine’s Day is here and so are we with our different gifting options that will leave you spoilt for choice! What makes our gifting unique? At Artment, we combine artistic qualities brought down by the masters of the industry and combine them with our own innovations to build different styles for your interest! Are you racking your brain for the perfect gift for your partner? Does your partner enjoy aesthetic ornaments around his or her house? Spruce up your relationship by choosing some of our gorgeous gifting ideas.

In this article, we have curated a bunch of date ideas, coupled with our Valentine’s gift boxes handpicked with love. Each date engulfs a unique approach for the different kinds of couples out there. Can you relate with more than one? Find out from the following options,

  1. The ‘Breakfast in Bed’ Date: For the couple who’s been together for the long haul - when romance meets comfort and being together is a date in itself; you represent Salvador Dali and his muse Gala Dali! Serve a breakfast made with love to your partner the minute he or she wakes up by using our ‘Breakfast in Bed’ Gift Box! Embroidered in gold against a solid cream display, these sets of plates really radiate their purpose. Use it as a Valentine’s gift and enjoy a luxurious start to your day with your loved ones.

  1. The ‘Fine Dine’ Date: Do you like to impress your date with extravagant gifts and well-thought dinner dates? For the couple who likes to dress in style and put up a show on special occasions, you resemble the popular contemporary and pop artist, Andy Warhol and his muse, the fashion model Edie Segweick. Organize the perfect date, this Valentine’s Day, by coupling your gifts with our Fine Dine date box today! This dinner idea is a must-do for the perfectionist couple!


  1. The ‘Surreal Love’ Date: Love goes beyonds words, and genders. Celebrate the spirit of Valentine’s in all forms by going ahead with this date idea - perfect for the couples who do not hesitate to speak their mind, are usually spontaneous and understand that love comes with its pros and cons. For a couple like that, you are George Dyer and Francis Bacon! Known for his figurative style of painting, Francis Bacon created some masterpieces for his muse. Use his expressive style while gifting your partner our ‘Surreal Love’ gift box!

  1. The ‘Brunch Babe’ Date: Fell in love with your partner recently? Celebrating your first Valentine’s Day? Keep your fears to the side and show your partner all your love by being yourself! It really is that simple! In essence, this is how the great Picasso and his muse Dora Marr used to be. A fun and quirky relationship deserves some creative gifts to make it special. Go out of the box and gift your loved ones our ‘Brunch Babe’ gift box. This gift idea is suitable for the easy breezy couple!

Want to get creative? Mix and match our gifting products for couples of all kinds! We have a range of cutlery, lighting and home decorating products that could add meaning to your relationship with your partner, especially if you are living together! Share your interests and enjoy the time you have together with love, some laughs and lots of gestures, this Valentine’s Day!