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5 fun ways to Repaint your bedroom

by Shopify API on February 07, 2020

Your bedroom is the most sacred corner of your house. It should be personal and ornate with decor that means something to you. In addition to this, the colour and patterns of the wall should match your style. If you have a boring wall and wish to create a new look for your rooms, always adopt some new painting techniques that could essentially spruce up the vibe of your bedroom.
In this article, we would suggest some painting techniques that you could utilise to repaint your bedroom walls. There are various painting techniques trending in today’s age that are fun ways to make your bedroom more extravagant than before. Utilise the following suggestions for your convenience :

1. Stencil Painting: If you like experimenting with colours and patterns, bring out the artist in you with stencil painting methods. You can take it on yourself to create this DIY painting pattern without hiring a professional. You can also take inspiration from your friends or the internet and spend a day painting on the canvas of your bedroom. To complete the look, hang our Caged Hanging Wall Lamp from your bedroom ceiling.

2. Strie: The horizontal or vertical painting technique is known as ‘strie’ which means ‘striking’ in French. It is done via a special roller. The texture on your walls will resemble linen, and is a great idea for bringing out warm palettes for your bedroom. You can use sky blue, bright pinks, lime green, sunny yellow or even purple for the strie painting design. Insert our Vintage Corridor Light to your bedroom against the strie walls to add effect to your bedroom.

3. Rag Rolling: Different types of rag rollers can add creative effects to your bedroom walls. You can use a metallic paint of any colour over a base white or cream for your walls. Pastel shades complement base colours well. A specialised roller can be utilised, or you can also use a twisted rag with a pair of gloves to keep your hands clean. Our Calming Gravity LED Lamp will make those rag rolled patterns strike out in your room!

4. Sponging: Add a dramatic effect to your bedroom walls with the sponging paint
technique. With a sponge, rub along your dull walls and add some bright colours to
make them look more interesting. Wipe the excess with water when done. Sponging is a great idea if you love to have an upbeat, naturally vibrant environment for your bedroom.
Use our Bohemian Chic Kilim Cushions to leave no space empty.

5. Metallic Painting: Metallic colours blend well with dark and cold tones like grey, pine green, rustic brown etc. The finishing should match the texture of the metallic paint which is meant to create a calm and composed vibe for your bedroom. They require several coats while painting but the output is a natural and aesthetically pleasing look. Paint your walls with metallic paints and add our Afreen (LED) Hanging Lamp Conical Shaded to complete the look.

You can also try some of our other products to add life to your bedroom. Although there are rules for sticking to certain colours and their contrasts, there is no limit to experimenting with them. Choose a colour and pattern that would suit your personality. You have the option to go minimal or go wild to make your bedroom more inviting for guests.

Create your own artistic trademark with some fun additions to your bedroom walls today!