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4 stunning artistic plates to define your every mood

by Shopify API on January 10, 2020

New year, new you? 

Well! When was the last time you turned your attention towards your dinner table or rather your dinner ware?

If you love designer plates and crockery as much as us, We think We’d agree that it’s important for an update according to your every mood. And what’s better than a range of modern dinnerware in different styles and colors that not only makes your table look nice, it also goes according to the setting and mood.

Plus, they’re a great addition to your flatlay instagram feed.So here are 5 dinner plates from The Artment , perfect for different moods and settings:

  1. The Luxury Minimalist plates

These plates are an example of absolute luxury. From their colors, to their  finish these plates are close to perfection. With a sophisticated matt glaze, a soothing color palette and side plates along with regular plates, These plates are perfect for your everyday happy mood. They bring out the food on them and yet are appealing enough for grabbing one’s attention.

Buy them here:


     2. Salvador plates

Do you relate with us when we talk about days that are blue? When life feels alow and dull and when you just want to curl up in your bed and stay there the whole day?

Well, there is no perfect solution for that situation, but a breakfast in bed tray comes the closest. For the most perfect Breakfast in bed tray, Salvador plates are the best.

They are inspired by impressionism and full of colors, loud and lively and ready to lift up your mood.

Get them here:

       3. Lightning plates

Are you ever in the mood to Impress? Because these plates are exactly the way to go. Be it a date or a fancy dinner for your boss, our lightning plate strike to be the best. The plates are stylish, luxurious, elegant and are available as two variants: Dinner and side plates. With gold glaze on black matt finish, these plates make the top list for modern dinnerware.


Get them here:       

         4. Victorian white floral plates

Its super rare to finally plan a ladies evening and to plan it well but if you need any help with creating the perfect ambiance for your evening tea parties or Sunday brunches, Our Victorian white floral plates come in handy. The Victorian floral prints and subtle hues makes them perfect for a light mood and feminine setting.

Get them here:


Just like always, This blog is completely safe and you SHOULD try it at home and let us know the results and feedback in the comments below.


Signing off,

With he(art)y wishes 

Team TheArtment